I must say, since I got back from my holidays, which is now already a few weeks ago, I am still pretty relaxed. It feels very nice, if you don’t stress too much about little (neither big) things and if you are fully with you and your needs. But as life is full of surprises, you never now for how long this amazing feeling remains. But if there is something coming up, I guess it’s already very helpful if you bear in mind to breath first and take a step back. Sometimes, difficult situations look completely different if you have a proper space between yourself and the (apparent) difficulty.

While taking yourself back, I also would propose to have a good cup of coffee somewhere at a nice spot. If you struggle finding one in Zurich, checkout my friend’s Coffee guide blog. And if you don’t feel like going out, home will be always the best spot anyway to come down again. Tea of course is also possible.

This brought me to my memories while we have been to South Africa. It was the first time being down there and I enjoyed especially the lovely and friendly people. What I liked most was to see how easy they took challenges. Once arrived in Jo’burg early in the morning, the systems at the passport control have not yet been running and there was no light at all. Definitely strange if you arrive at a completely dark airport with hundreds of people next to you – this was my first impression. But the guys at the desks were just taking it very easy, laughing and so it was the same for me. Well, at least afterwards. 🙂

While I have the feeling that patience is not my favourite quality, down there the people got it very naturally. And then, I tried these delicious Rusks served at tea or coffee time and became a big fan of it. How can’t you be relaxed when having those little treats once or twice a day while you are taking a break? Exactly, it’s coming naturally.

This is the reason why I have asked for the recipe and finally here it is – my first try on originally South African Rusks. And the best thing is, you are able to do a big bunch of them so you have them always on stock at home. 😉

I’ll see you soon again but first I am back at my memories again and more important I get this relaxed feeling back while enjoying a cup of coffee with 1, or 2 or 3 pieces of Rusks…

tschuppi ❤


combine butter, sugar and egg


prepare additional ingredients


add seeds and flour to the butter mixture


combine the ingredients and milk by using your hands



Seeds and Flakes Rusks directly imported from South Africa (recipe adjusted):

preheat oven to 180 degrees Celsius

1 egg,
50g sugar,
250g butter,
mix until combined

500g spelt flour,
100g sunflower seeds,
100g pumpkin seeds,
50g crushed corn flakes,
add and mix until combined

150ml butter milk,
add and combine with your hands, the dough has to be moisty

flatten on a baking sheet and cut into your choice of size, I made them ‘two fingers’ size, put into oven for about 40 minutes, then take them out and arrange them with more space to each other to dry overnight at 70 degrees Celsius

note: you can easily double size the recipe to get a higher portion

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    Amazing goods!!

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