Since my last post it happened a lot, but I won’t go too much into details. In the last 3 months I travelled with my boyfriend through South East Asia and South Africa. We enjoyed ourselves being free of any responsibilites, far away from home, able to shut down your head, turn off everything in your mind and just enjoying every single minute of what we have worked for so long. It was definitely the right time but also great because it was a perfect start into the new year. In the end the time is over, but we came back with a bunch full of memories saved in our hearts. It was wonderful meeting nice people and friends along our whole journey, eating delicious food, getting to know new cultures and being stunned about so many nice places we have seen.

This is not everything which is left but also I tried to find some new recipes for baking. Whenever I got in touch with any baked goods I was thrilled to get the recipe. This happened already at our 3rd destination, Inle Lake in Myanmar. We spent our time in a wonderful heritage (see link below) which is definitely worth visiting it. Everything grows in their garden and the food is always super fresh. Actually I enjoyed the time there as well because it is so down to earth.

Once a day, we were honoured to attend a cooking class together with the Executive Chef which was a great expierence. He teached us with different meals of Burmese cooking and hopefully I can try them once at home, even if the wonderful garden is missing.

Additionally we were introduced into their bakery and immediately I missed having an oven on our journey. I survived without one, but was so happy to get several recipes from their bakery which I could take back home. For a first step I tried the Spicy Ginger Cookies. As you may know already from previous posts, ginger is one of my favourite ingredient. Combining the spicyness with something sweet is like an explosion for your sense. I once reported already a similar recipe but this one is little bit different and on top of it – it is very easy to do and you only need to add a little bit of love. ❤

I am so happy I could finally try them back home and bring our own Burmese experience back home a little. And never forget, sharing is caring. 😉



cutting the roll into 1cm pieces


put the single pieces on the baking sheet with enough space to each other


let cool down the cookies on a wire rack

4  5

Spicy Ginger Cookies (found at Inle Heritage, Myanmar):

155g brown sugar,
350g butter,
mix together

600g spelt flour,
add to the mixture

1tbsp clove powder,
1tbsp cinnamon powder,
1tsp of salt,
add to the batter and mix

40g fine chopped fresh ginger,
combine well into batter and roll cover with plastic foil

Let chill for 2 hours in fridge, afterwards cut into 1cm pieces and bake for 18 minutes at 180 degrees Celsius

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