Lots of impressions, lots of insights, lots of findings, lots of sleepless nights but the most important is that we had lots of fun – this was the result of our stand at the Long night of Career event at the ETH in Zurich. But let’s go a few months back. Somewhen this year in September, I just arrived back from my vacation and was actually very relaxed when my coffee loving friend told me about the idea of the Coffee Me Experience. So I knew immediately she wants me to prepare a typical kind of baked goods which I already used to do in the past – the Amaretti. Because they just fit in perfectly for having a proper coffee experience. The idea was great, having our colleagues from Bovelli on board was of course a big help too, because they would have to do the coffee in the end – the main thing of our stand, which goes right after tschuppi’s Amaretti :).

We kicked off our first Coffee Me Zurich Experience meeting and soon I started to think about what kind of Amaretti I am going to offer. I decided to go for 3 different kind of Amaretti – the classic ones, with chocolate and the exclusively offered vegan Amaretti. The recipe for the vegan ones has been developed only a few months ago but seeing that my vegan friends were very happy about them, I included them in the ‘core team’. 🙂

One week before the event, I got all ingredients together and then the day has come to start the night shift baking session. 300 pieces really don’t sound very much if you expect 1000 visitors at the event, but imaging preparing each of these 300 pieces with love and patience… 😉 anyway, after a few hours later we did 250 and I still had to prepare the remaining dough the next day because we were just too tired doing them at 2am. Seeing that you think at the beginning this might be impossible and is also little bit scary, you are just surprised if you look back at the past weeks, knowing that you still have enough energy cause it is something you love to do. So it was for me when baking these little treats and I hope I can continue doing it and still share my passion with the world.

And of course as usual when planning such an event, we faced some challenges in the last days before where we immediately had to rethink and act fast and you sometimes don’t know if you should cry or laugh, I used to go for a laugh. 😉

I am really thankful for learning again and again, for having had the experience with all of my friends which helped either before, during or after the event, to my sisters for mental support and especially for the redesign of tschuppibaking as well as for helping us in presenting our stand properly and taking the pictures, to all friends who made their way to the event which was very supportive and of course thanks to Bovelli and especially to Coffee Me Zurich who kicked this idea off! There were lots of laughter when I look back and this is what it has to be like… 😉

Now here we go finally with some impressions…









One thought on “may the fun part start…

  1. Looks like a fun night with great coffee (and coffee art), delicious treats, and a cool crowd. Making me crave a cup right now, as a matter of fact. For more fun with goodies (with a literary twist), check out aliteralinterpretation.wordpress.com. I think you’ll like it.

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