I know, Santa Claus day on 6th December passed but I am happy to provide a recipe which is not only during the Advent season a must for Sunday morning – it is what we call here ‘Butterzopf’.

As you probably remember, Santa Claus day was on a Saturday this year. When I woke up at this day I almost forgot that he is ‘coming’ and as I made myself ready, watching through the window at the bakery – I saw him standing in front of it! I was excited like a little child and I had to admit that I really like the Advent season. Approximately 30 minutes later I wanted to go the bakery to see him personally and talk to him, but when we walked into the bakery and asked where Santa Claus is, the women said that he was in a  rush and already had to move on again. 😥 at this moment, my day seemed to be failed. Disappointed and with no excitment anymore we moved on as well, watching out again for him as there is always hope, but we did not catch him anymore.

I had to get in the mood again so I went to the book shop, bought some very nice christmas books and planned to do a very cosy evening at home reading, listening to music and of course – baking! 🙂

As it was St. Nikolas day I planned to make the ‘Grittibänz’ because it is tradition to eat them at this day. The pastry is made with yeast and actually you can use it as well for making a bread. So the day passed almost and I still did not came up from my sofa as I was reading these Christmas stories from my new book. Somewhen in the late afternoon I thought it would make no sense anymore to do the Grittibänz as the next day was already very close and eating a Grittbänz when St. Nikolas Day is over makes no fun anymore. It is like having a fully decorated Christmas tree still standing in your living room – in January. 😉

The pastry was prepared already, the only thing I changed is the way of forming it. I decided to do a butter bread, called ‘Butterzopf’ here because it would fit perfectly for Sunday brunch the next day.

Actually I am a big fan of nutritious dark bread with much of different kind of nuts and seeds inside. I simply have more of it by eating a good bread. Anyway, sometimes a Butterzopf is a must have when having a Sunday brunch and so this was a perfect start in the next day.

I know, it is not an insider tip, especially for the ones who know the bread, but my favourite topping on the slices is butter with honey. THIS combination is simply unbeatable, trust me!

With that I wish you a smooth rest of the Advent season. 😉



sunday brunch bread ready



best enjoyed with butter and honey


Butterzopf Bread

preheat oven to 200 degrees Celsius
500g white flour,
1/2 tbsp salt,
2 tsp sugar,
mix together and form a mould

75g butter, soft
add in small pieces into mould

21g yeast
0.5dl milk, lukewarm
let dissolve the yeast in milk, then add everything into bowl with additional 2.2dl milk and knead well until the pastry is soft and elastic (approx. 10 minutes), let rise until it has the double size

when the pastry is ready it can be braided; have a look at the following video which explains how the pastry can be easily braided –> Braided bread the pastry is enough for 2 pieces of Butterzopf Bread

after braiding is completed for both pieces, put on some egg yolk and let them rise again for approx. 15 minutes

put into oven (lower level) for approx. 45 minutes, the bread is ready when knocking at the bottom and getting an amphoric tone


2 thoughts on “who is knocking at the door…?

  1. Philipp says:

    Hoi Tschuppi witerso und au dir schöni Weihnachte und en gute Rutsch.
    Gruessli Philipp

    1. danke vielmal philipp und merci fürs verbiluege… 😉 cheers

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