…but I am still here!

I recently wondered when I published my last post and I really got terrified – it was March. Awwh.. Spring and Summer over already.
Even if I have checked my site regularly and apparently my readers did as well (very happy about this), I thought these days that this status really has to be stopped immediately.

In the last few months I went through some changes in my life. Good changes. Even if I was (sometimes still am) not a big fan of it, I really learn to cope with it, the older the better. 🙂 I believe that changes are needed to evolve yourself. Sometimes it is your own decision to change something in your life, sometimes it is not. But in the end it is always your part to accept the change and especially your decision what you want to learn and how you want to continue. If you know and feel that deeply, the right doors will be opened for you. This is it.

Now I sit here, looking back to the past months…there is a smile on my face…positive feelings and happy still being able to share my thoughts with you.

I need to be honest, I was not very creative with baking in this time. Indeed, I tried some new things but mainly made the baked goods which I already did a lot times before. So there is actually not much to say about new recipes. But, in summer, I found the following recipe and thought, even if summer is now gone and I am a little tiny bit too late, this picnic bread is yummy in every other season as well. 😉

Pine nuts

roast pine nuts until golden

preparing fillings

prepare fillings

putting the fillings onto one edge

put the fillings onto the edge

ready for cutting into yummy pieces

ready to eat

The recipe is from Leila Lindholms book ‘Backen mit Leila‘ but I actually found it on the following blog ohhhmhhh. (funny name). 🙂
I love this bread because you can decide by yourself which ingredients you want to fill in. I liked the version of ‘ohhhmhhh’ and decided to go with the same, but unfortunately I forgot to add the cheese. 😦 However, it was delicious anyway and perfect for bringing it to a great picnic with friends at the lake. The cheese can be separately added afterwards as well. Wohooo 🙂

Tomato bread with olives and pine nuts (adapted from Ohhhmhhh):

50g pine nuts,
roast in a pan until golden, put aside

300ml warm water,
1 tbsp honey,
2 tbsp olive oil,
1 tbsp coarsely sea salt,
mix together in a big bowl

15g fresh yeast,
add in small pieces into the water/oil/salt mixture and let dissolve properly

400g spelt flour,
add until dough is well done kneaded, let rest for approx. 40 minutes or until double-sized

put the dough onto a floured surface and roll out into a rectangle with approx. 1cm thickness

approx. 7 pieces dried pickled tomato, coarsely chopped,
1 tsp liquid honey,
1 handful of black olives, chopped,
put these filings along one edge and spread some water on the other edge, roll it up and combine both ends together, put a glass into the middle to keep the hole while baking

flour the top, cover and let rise for approx. 30 minutes

preheat the oven to 250 degrees Celsius and put a cup of water into the oven, put the dough into the oven and reduce the heat to 200 degrees Celsius, bake for approx. 25 minutes in the middle rack

One thought on “summer gone…

  1. Super das probiere ich gern mal us. Ich lieb tomatebrot Hmmmm 🙂

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