I really love different styles of baking cups. Even if it’s in the end very important that your baked goods are tasteful it is also important to represent them nicely. I think you can catch your friend’s or client’s eyes much more faster.

Usually I first have a recipe in my mind. According to that recipe I am thinking about of which mould or cup to go with. But this time it happened the opposite way. My boyfriend’s mum recently visited England and came back with a very nice present. She definetly know what I like and so she brought some beautiful baking cups. It was really a big surprise to get an absolutely unexpected present and therefore I was even more happy when I’ve seen the baking cups. Thank you my dear! 😉

So some days ago the time has finally come. I thought to go with one of my favourite lemon cake recipes. And as I think that a lemon cake goes with every occasion I am happy to share my favourite recipe with you again. I am sure your next occasion to bake a cake is coming soon… 😉 These were the little stars and they really made my day!

Lemon Cake (adapted from Cake & Kuchen by Ilona Chovancova):

– recipe reported under following post
– baking time reduced this time to 22 minutes as baking cups were smaller than usual

ooooooh I am so into mini lemon cakes…. 😀

One thought on “what a nice surprise…

  1. Manuela Capraro says:

    Sweetheart, you’re welcome… i’m glad you like them! Your mini cakes look fantastic and i’m sure they taste delicious ;-)) !!!
    Hope may surprise you soon
    whit some homemade x-max cookies “alla mamma” …!!!
    See you, saluti Manuela

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