If yes, you should definitely go for the following cookie recipe as it is one of my favourites.

Did you know that macadamia nuts are called as well ‘Queen of Nuts’? This is due to:
– the difficult production
– the very complicated processing
– the increasing demand
– and last but not least because they are pretty expensive due to all above points

Due to that I am always very careful when buying a pack of Macadamia nuts which I want to use for a baking recipe. The nuts are also known for their high percentage of fat. I propose that you shouldn’t eat a whole pack of these nuts everyday. 🙂 But enjoying them occasionally delights your taste of flavour which always happens when I use them for the cookies.

I mentioned my favourite base cookie recipe already in an older post and I am still using this one. Due to that I am not describing it anymore but you can have a look at the previous cookie post ‘in the land of cookies… and cookies…’.

The combination of additional ingredients in the current cookies is the following:
– 100g white chocolate, chopped
– 80g Macadamia nuts, chopped
– 80g either dried cherries or cranberries

Hope you can enjoy them very soon! 😉

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