I was so happy at the beginning of this week that on Thursday a friend of mine was celebrating her birthday and I would be able taking the opportunity to surprise her with some vegan cookies. Since the last vegan cookies a pretty long time passed, so it was about time finally to create some new ones for my recipe book. For sure not just for that, but also for all other friends who are apparently more and more becoming vegan.

As I know that the birthday girl does very much like peanut butter I thought immediately to go for the first vegan cookies I made once Peanut butter cashew cookies. But then my curiosity to create some new ones bet this thought. I stumbled in a pretty quick time over the following blog Vegan Guerilla and found the perfect recipe. The cookies are made with peanut butter with chocolate filled inside. What a nice combination I thought…
When I was at the grocery to buy all the stuff I needed I noticed that the peanut butter rows were not filled up anymore, they were just empty and below there was a note that they had to be taken off the assortment as some clients complained. Unfortunately I can’t remember anymore why it was sorted out, but it must have been something with an ingredient value which was either too low or too high. However, I needed an emergency plan and therefore I thought to go for almond butter. Almond butter isn’t as sweet as peanut butter but the taste of it is also very delicious.

The cookies turned out as expected and I was very happy giving them to her. As it was a present I needed also nice wrappings. For such occasions I am always going to a very nice shop called Bits & Bobs which is not far from my house. The shop is lovely!! I could spend several hours at this place as it has so much special products. They sell a lot of nice dishes and kitchen ware. Also you could buy some jewelry or nice postcards, napkins and and and… It is incredible, always when I enter this shop I feel immediately very warm and cozy. If you ever are in Zurich you should give it a try, it’s absolutely worth it.
It didn’t surprise me that I found the perfect wrapping there for the vegan birthday cookies. Poca Luz, te deseo lo mejor! 😉

Almond butter cookies filled with chocolate (found at Vegan Guerilla, recipe adjusted)

preheat oven to 200 degrees Celsius

50g soy margarine,
100g oatmeal,
melt the margarine slowly in a pan, add the oatmeal and toast them for approx. 5 minutes on low heat until golden

200g spelt flour,
juice of 1 lime,
2 tsp baking soda,
2 tsp vanilla sugar,
4 tbsp almond butter,
100ml soy milk,
60g whole cane sugar,
4 tbsp maple syrup,
add into a big bowl, then add the toasted oatmeal into it and knead until all ingredients are incorporated well (if the pastry is too sticky add little flour)

approx. 100g of dark chocolate pieces,
make 5cm balls and add into each of them a piece of chocolate until it’s hidden into the ball, bake for approx. 16 minutes until lightly golden 

4 thoughts on “another birthday…another chance…

  1. globaldimensioncoaching says:

    I want them right now!!!

    1. tschuppibaking says:

      I am wondering…have you already tried???? ;o) let me know…big kiss…:-*

  2. shawny17 says:

    wow chèrie, these cookies are really looking mouth watering haha 🙂

    1. thank you chérie!!! 😉 or should I say: Shawny!! haha ;D

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