Do you also have some positive childhood memories where you still can feel how excited, satisfied or happy you were? I do so and one of my memories is when my mother baked my favourite type of baked goods. When she baked those croissants she made always plenty of them which was only positive for me. 😉 The croissants were filled with different jams and the texture of the pastry was very compact which is anyway something I love.

Then, some years ago I asked my mother if she still has the recipe of those Hörnchen. Unfortunately she negated and I was so disappointed thinking I might never make these Hörnchen myself and taste this wonderful pastry. 😦 The only thing I was told by my mother was that the pastry was mixed with mashed potatoes. My mother used to write down her recipes or cut out recipes from magazines and stick them into her recipe books. When I once visited her I went through all these books and folders hoping I could find the recipe, even my mother already told me she doesn’t have it anymore. 🙂 I couldn’t believe, it must be somewhere! Ok, it wasn’t…
That’s why I made some research in the internet. It was difficult as I didn’t know what the name was. When I have eaten them during my childhood it wasn’t important to know how they are named, they just had to be good. 🙂 Therefore I only said ‘Gipfeli’ to them which is the Swiss word for Croissants. Actually the Hörnchen have the shape of a Gipfeli but as the texture is different it can’t be named as Gipfeli. However, the research started bumpy but I persevered and got finally routed to a German food blog where I found the recipe for ‘Kartoffelhörnchen’. At this point I knew that this is a common pastry in Germany and therefore started to search with this definition and found lot more recipes. But the following which I mentioned before has definitely hit my expectations. Always when I bake them, I only use this recipe as it is totally reliable.

Might be it is not exactly the same recipe as my mother used. Probably it really isn’t. It is difficult to re-bake something which you adored in your childhood. Maybe not only because of the pastry but because of many other factors you felt during these moments. I am sure that all these factors made the Hörnchen also so delicious.

Well, I am not a child anymore and therefore absolutely satisfied with this recipe I have found. Hope you enjoy if you are going for it… 😉 Let me know…

Kartoffelhörnchen filled with apricot and strawberry jam (from Kochfun):

preheat oven to 225 degrees Celsius

250g potatoes, cook to mashed potatoes and let cool down completely, set aside

300g wholemeal or spelt flour,
1pck (about 14g) baking soda,
mix and form a whole in the middle

70g cane sugar,
1 pinch of salt,
5 drops of bitter almond aroma,
1 egg,
1 tbsp water,
add into bowl and cover with little flour, cover it with the mashed potatoes

50g butter, cut into small cubes,
add into bowl on top of the mashed potatoes and knead the dough until all ingredients are incorporated well and until even

make 3 portions from the dough and roll every portion onto a floured surface into a circle as thin as possible, cut into 8 pieces and put on the wide sides little less than 1 tsp of the jam of your choice (I used strawberry and apricot), roll the pieces up and put them onto the bakink sheet 

spread egg yolk to each of them and put into the preheated oven for approx. 17 minutes

2 thoughts on “childhood memories…

  1. globaldimensioncoaching says:

    Ohhh yes I remember those!!! They were very yummy – I’ll try and do a vegan version of it!! Thanks for the recipe!! Kussi

    1. tschuppibaking says:

      I am so glad that you remember as well sis!! ;o) shared memories..haha ;D let me know as soon as you tried the vegan version… oh and maybe you can add ground hazelnut, makes the flavour also little special… big hug :-*

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