As I told you in the last post I have been on vacation. During my stay in the south of France I passed several nice and cozy bakeries. I just love the traditional style of the shops and how they present their baked goods. I could spend a whole day just staring at these bakeries and I would be happy. 🙂

When we have been to St. Tropez we visited the Saturday market at Place des Lices. We generally love walking through markets and look at all these local products. I think going to a market in another place brings you along to local people and this is what I like most. Because of that we have been twice to the market, just to get the atmosphere back again and buying the last things we wanted before driving home. In the end we bought several sausages, cheese, fruits, jams and honey etc. Good food having for home to always keep the French holidays in our minds…:)

During this market visit I always stopped at the cookies stall as there was a big basket full of Navettes. I first didn’t know what Navettes are, therefore and also because I am into all types of cookies this was the first thing I did when I came back home. I have found a recipe which belongs to Navettes de Marseille and immediately gave it a try. But when I looked at the recipe I noted that they contain orange blossom water and from that moment on my motivation was almost gone as I didn’t know where I could find it. After trying it in the health shop I was told that I could certainly find it at the drugstore. Of course!!! Why this didn’t came into my mind before. And in the end I just had to make a few footsteps more to get it and I was excited to finally had the chance to give them a try…

Fill up your cookie boxes with Navettes if you like the straight flavour of butter with a touch of orange blossom water. You must like it! 😉

Navettes de Marseille, found at Arte TV:

500g butter at room temperature,
500g fine sugar,
mix in a big bowl until smoothly

5 eggs,
50ml orange blossom water,
add one egg after another, then the orange blossom water and incorporate well

1kg spelt flour,
sifting into the bowl and knead the pastry until all ingredients are incorporated, put the well covered bowl into the fridge for at least 24 hours, the pastry should not get dry during this time

take it out of the fridge and roll the pastry into 5cm inch roll, cut 3cm pieces and cut these pieces again into half, roll the piece in your hands, put it onto the baking sheet, make the ends pointy and press with your fingers into the middle of it, so it is going to get a boat shape (it is more difficult to write instead of doing it) 😉

put them into the preheated oven at 180 degrees Celsius for approx. 15 minutes until lightly golden

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