The following post belongs not to baking. When I created this blog a few months ago, I thought to post only articles which belong to baking. And indeed the most articles do so. But from time to time there are simply topics occurring into my mind which I would like to share with you as well.

Yesterday I have been to the blood donation. I started to donate blood two years ago when I noticed that my company supports that with organizing a blood donation day within our buildings once a year. As from that moment on I thought about donating blood in general. I came immediately to the question: Why to NOT donate blood? There was no reason for me to question that at all as 1) I am not struggling with seeing blood, as well as not struggling with getting prickled by a needle, 2) I can help with providing blood for different areas like in medicine, scientific and pharmaceutic and 3) I feel healthy and want to help others who aren’t, even if this happens indirectly.

Unfortunately blood donation is not so common in my surrounding, whether privately or in my working place. Usually when I come back from the donation I really try to motivate people to do as well. Mostly the people tell me the same, that they know it would be good, but anyhow..aaah.. you know… aaah..
Honestly, the most of them do not have any good reason to do not when I ask them. πŸ˜‰ Well, I do what only I can do and everybody needs to decide his or herself. I am not going to judge on anybody at all.

At the donation it is always the same procedure. You have to fill out a questionnaire, going further to the blood pressure measuring, then getting prickled on the fingertip to measure your hemoglobin and then last to the doctor who tells you if are able to donate or not. Then you are ready and steady to lie down and give your blood which needs about 5 to 10 minutes. Yesterday I needed at least 10 minutes, it was a little bit slow. πŸ™‚ At the time when my blood started to pour, two men joined the room as well, lied down and were finished before I was…zzzzz… πŸ™‚ However, my bag was full sometime and then you have to wait a few minutes until you get up as the blood you still have in your body needs to find the way back to its place. Actually it is really no big deal..

They take 450ml blood of your body. Your body circulation will be regulated within the next 20 minutes. Your liquidity balance within 24 hours. The blood cell replacement within 2 weeks and the balance of your ferric loss within the next 8 weeks. You are going to feel renewed. Physically because of your renewed cells and psychologically because you help with giving your blood.

Think about…


One thought on “going to the blood donation…

  1. Well done!!!
    There is no real reason to not donate blood if you are a healthy person!

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