Have you ever had to cope with the situation getting a new oven and adjusting your recipes because of that? Well, I still not know if I have to but today I got my new oven. As I already mentioned in my very first post my old one has done it’s job for the last 28 years, but now the time has come. A change means not always to be bad, it could open other doors and coping with a new situation is also challenging you but you can get a lot of good (and bad) experiences back which is just making your life a little bit more interesting.

Wow, I really could keep thinking positive when I read my words, but I have to be honest, I am still skeptical when I look at my new friend. I mean, I don’t have to talk about the design of the oven, it is looking pretty, even if it doesn’t match with my old kitchen, but this is not the point. I am really doubting that all my recipe notices have to be adjusted now, especially for the baking times as I think every oven is different and you have to know your oven very good to bake perfectly. I am sure you know your oven as well very good, right?

The reason why I got a new one wasn’t that the oldie couldn’t keep doing it’s job anymore. It was just that the door clip was broken and there was apparently no reparation possible as they don’t sell the clips anymore. Due to the broken clip, the door couldn’t keep closed anymore. In the beginning I thought I could keep it, because I coped with the door even if it was sometimes very exhausting putting a chair’s back under the door so it couldn’t open again. 🙂 Well, this wasn’t the final solution. For the last few months I closed the door with an elastic band, straining it from the top to the bottom and this was a far more better solution as the chair wasn’t always in the middle of the way disturbing me.
For sure I am happy for not having these circumstances anymore but for baking it would definitely be easier to have the oldie again.

However, I couldn’t wait to go home today and test the new one. I used my muffin recipe which I have recently posted and replaced the raspberries with blueberries. I tested the oven with this recipe as these muffins never ever failed before. And they wouldn’t fail today neither. 🙂 But I had to increase the baking time, I think the oldie was just too hot. 😉 And I had to find the right position in the oven. There are again four racks available, but there is no rack which is placed in the middle. The second from the bottom is just to low and the third is already to high. That’s why I placed the moulds first to the third position and for the last 10 minutes to the lower one. Don’t know if this would have been necessary, but all was fine in the end and I was happy that the new oven has passed the test. Apart from that the the oven is not that silent (my oldie was always quite during baking) it has one positive thing: I finally have a glas window and I don’t have to open the door while baking to see how something is processing… Yes, imagine that, my oldie was a real grandfather without any window… 🙂

the new one

3 thoughts on “new is not equal to better…

  1. piesandeyes says:

    Congratulations on your new oven! I can imagine what you had to go through! You just need to get comfortable using your new one because it is different!

  2. Oh my god!!! Finally you have your new oven!!! Bin richtig stolz uf dich dass dinem Vermieter endli aaglüütet häsch!!! Bravooo!!!!
    Ps. Can I request some Vegan dessert recipes pleaze;-)

    1. haha 😀 danke!!! aber ahglüte hani doch scho lang..es isch eifach nie öper cho…:( the good thing was just that I called again to remind them!! 🙂 vegan? what’s that? ;D haha…for sure I am going to post some vegan recipes soon…;)

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