I have never thought on making bagels on my own. Always when I have seen some bagel recipes I was fascinated of how they look like. I love the hole in the middle, I think looking at a bagel is just a pleasure and makes you realizing for a short moment that there is only you and the bagel…;)

Actually in my surrounding area it seems that there aren’t lot of places which are selling them. I could read in some forums that people here in Zurich are discussing where to buy them or where you could get the best ones. It seems that bagels aren’t that popular here than in other countries. Anyway, I always stopped again following on these forum discussions as I actually wasn’t interested to know where you could buy some, I only wanted to know how I could do them on my own.
I have found a recipe on one of my favourite blogs Kleiner Kuriositaetenladen. After I have been going through her recipe list I have seen that she has already posted another bagel recipe, so I thought she might have already improved herself with doing bagels so I followed that one. I was so excited and I thought this must be a great challenge, even if it didn’t look the same as in her recipe pictures, not at all. First it was very difficult to form the dough into the bagel shape and taking them away from my kitchen board was even harder as they were already sticking on it and the shape I have formed before was immediately gone. I already thought this is going to become a desaster. However, I couldn’t stop as I was already too far and ready to cook them. After the cooking step the bagels were ok again, but the dough looked a little bit uneven. I counted on my oven at this step, it would do the perfect finishing. And in fact, after the bagels have been baked they were looking perfect. I mean, some of them still look little bit uneven, but a few had also the perfect bagel shape. 🙂

And once again I thought, nothing is impossible…Especially if you do something with passion…

Bagel recipe (adjusted) found on Kleiner Kuriositaetenladen:

1 pkg dry yeast,
350g whater,
mix together and let yeast dissolve completely, takes a few minutes

600g spelt flour,
13g salt,
mix together

2tbls honey,
3tbls raps oil,
add to the flour/salt mixture, add the yeast water and mix until even, cover and let stay until the dough has the double-size (approx. 1 hour)

knead the dough again and make about 8 portions (like a bun shape), make holes with a wooden spoon-handle and roll them over it

in a big bowl prepare water, add 3 table spoons of honey and broil to 80 degress Celsius

let the bagels swim into it for approx. 30 seconds, turn them once during this time

put them onto the baking sheet and let dry for a short time, spread with egg white and sprinkle with poppy-, sunflower- or flax seeds (or whatever you want) 😉
preheat oven to 200 degrees Celsius and bake for approx. 15-20 minutes or until the bagels are golden

4 thoughts on “nothing is impossible…

  1. Making homemade bagels is on my “to-make” wishlist too. Great job! Yours look very nice.

    1. thank you and great to hear 🙂 let me know if yours are done, looking forward to it

  2. charityhitt says:

    So glad I saw this! I was just contemplating venturing into making my own bagels 🙂 I’ll have to try yours, they look great. Thanks for sharing!

    1. oh I am sure they will be great, let me know when you have tried it..:-)

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