When I came home yesterday I forgot to buy bread for the next morning. Actually this never happens… Therefore I thought to make some buns on my own once again. As I was too lazy this time to read through my bread recipes I just started to improvise. It is not that difficult when you know what you like most in your favourite bread. This is for my bread: spelt flour, low fat curd cheese, some flax seeds and oatmeal.

I really like to make bread, the only thing I am always struggling with is that you have to wait, wait and wait again.. I know there are some quick bread recipes around, but I then prefer the way to let the bread arise, so I usually accept to wait.

The buns have for my taste the perfect consistency. I love bread which is not that fluffy but rather has more a compact texture. If you like that as well, try the following recipe and you will maybe never go buy some bread in a store. 😉 well, you never know right?

Spelt buns with flex seeds, oatmeal and curd cheese:

500g spelt flour (I used type 1050),
1-2 ts salt,
1 pck dry yeast,
mix together, form a well

320ml water
fill into the well and begin to knead until combined

3 tbls low fat curd cheese
1 handful of flex seeds
1 handful of oatmeal
add to the dough and knead again until even

cover and let stay at room temperature for approx. 1-2 hours

when it has the double size, knead again and let stay for 30 minutes

Prepare the oven to 220 degrees Celsius, form balls of the size you want have it (the size is not going to change that much) and place them in the middle of the oven for approx. 17 minutes.

Let cool down on a rack and then start to have breakfast.. 😉

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