Yes, it’s true, I really know people who don’t like caramel candies…difficult to imagine but they exist indeed.
My good friend is one of them. Even we know from each other that I adore it and she doesn’t like it at all, it is from time to time a topic again when we spend time together…it’s not that she doesn’t like caramel itself, but she prefers to take a caramel flan instead, which is something I don’t like..well, it’s funny…:-) this really shows that everyone is different, which is of course good.

However, I always wanted to try making caramel candies on my own and yesterday I finally did. Well, they didn’t have the same texture like the ones I buy in my candyland shop. I wanted to have them little bit more harder, not too hard that you must be scared spoiling your teeth but hard like while having the candy in your mouth it’s beginning to soften. The other thing to mention is that the candies are little bit too sticky, I actually planned to have them more dry. Well, it wasn’t my biggest success regarding the texture 🙂 haha, but the candies are great and I love them…
I am thinking now on how to store the candies as normally each should have it’s own wrapping, which obviously would be the ideal storage as my ones are very sticky and when they sit together in the glass, 2 hours later you will have a glass of one big caramel candy.. I definitely should go for the separate wrapping…

Happy Tuesday to everyone!!!


"on such a nice day I had to stop at the florist to buy some beautiful tulips which are coloring my day together with the candies :-)"

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