my name is Muma. I have spent the whole weekend at auntie Daniela’s house. Last Friday, when one of my dog-owners transferred me to her house, I was already a little bit tired and I also did not know exactly to what place we are driving now. But then I have seen that auntie Daniela is waiting for me and all was good again. I still was little bit tired but I was also happy to go with her. Somehow it happened that my older sister Aaliyah left in the car, I couldn’t understand that but I was sure that there must be a reason for that.

However, I think my auntie loves me. She always played with me together with the plush toy. Sometimes she was just sitting next to me and has pet me or even has given me a massage. Wow, I really felt already very relaxed. Sometimes, also in the first night, I have thought about what my owners are doing now, but when I have seen my plush toy and blanket, I just felt like I am at home.

Auntie was always happy when I have made my business outside. She always said to me: “Gooooooood Girl” and I was happy as well.

The next day we have been to a park. It was very sunny and we enjoyed our time together. I have also met auntie’s sister Sandra and boyfriend Nicolas. After walking through the park we made a break nearby the park to drink something. Auntie has brought a cup of water, I was sooooo thirsty. Afterwards the 3 of them talked so much which has made me dozy.

Then we went back to auntie’s house and I finally got lunch. As we have made a big tour outside I was very hungry but also tired again. So I felt asleep for at least 3 hours. Auntie once touched me to check if all is fine, because she does not know how it feels for me when I make a long walk how exhausting it is for me.

On Sunday, auntie got up very early and I was so happy to be no longer alone. I danced in front of her to show her how excited I am to have another day with her. We have been outside shortly, I made my business, she was happy, I was happy and then I got breakfast. Wow, how could a day be better, starting with making business and breakfast?
Then auntie wanted to buy the Sunday’s newspaper, so we went outside again, but only nearby the house. There she had a cup of coffee while I was making eyes at other dogs, males you know. There were so much male dogs around and all wanted to sniff at me.
Back home, auntie made some doggy cookies. Yummie, they smelled so good. But she gave me only one to try, because she said this has to be the decision of my owners to decide if I can eat them or not. I was so excited to try them again!!!
Could you have resisted?

After the cookies were ready, we prepared ourselves as well to go outside. The weather was sunny and we made this day another route up the hill near to the Triemly station. Suddenly while walking, the weather changed and it was immediately very windy. Through this, some leaves of the trees danced on the street and I meant they want to play with me. I always wanted to catch them so fast. Auntie couldn’t keep up with me sometimes.

We went back home and waited until I would have be picked up. Auntie was already very calm, I believe she wouldn’t let me go. We played again, but honestly, I have been very tired again due to the long walk we had again.

When my mummy came to pick me up I couldn’t believe she was standing in front of me! I was so happy, mummy and auntie as well. So I made my official happy dance again and we all were happy. They talked again and you know, when all are talking so much, I get dozy again. So I relaxed again on my favourite place, below the kitchen table. I nearly felt asleep again, that’s why it was so hard for me when mummy said we should leave now. I was sooooooo dozy.
Auntie has given me the last kiss for this weekend, I will miss her and I am sure she is missing me as well. But I will be back again soon… no worries auntie Daniela.

Muma & Auntie Daniela






ps: Auntie told me to put in the recipe for the cookies; I didn’t know what she means with that. What is a recipe? I will tell her that she should provide it herself.
I am really confused…

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